Far and Beyond event services

Far and Beyond Events are a specialist event delivery company, creating FAB experiences for both event owners and their guests. We’re FAB at what we do.

event management services

Events Management

Delivering all aspects of events from creation to fulfillment. FAB have the capability to produce events on any scale from 100 to 100,000 capacity.

Project Feasibility & Budgeting

We have the experience to consult on any new project putting together feasibility studies looking at venue design and working budgets to give event owners a clear picture of the potential of their event.

Site Management

We can deliver full Site Management on any outdoor or indoor event. Creating site plans (CAD), liaising with contractors and building event sites of all shapes and sizes.

Event Consultation

Looking for ways to maximise the income of your event? We can offer experienced consultancy to help maximise your events potential.

Venue Sourcing & Design

We can select the perfect venue for any event to facilitate your needs and requirements in the most cost effective way.

Artist and Celebrity Liaison

We provide Artist & Celebrity Liaison services for events of any scale coordinating logistics, accommodation, accreditation and onsite dressing room and production requirements plus experienced teams to manage and coordinate show day movements. For this service we can scale the teams up or down depending on the size of the event and the number of performers.

Tour Support

We provide tour support both on and off the road, which includes support with artist and crew logistics, visas, guest list, itineraries and accounts.

Licensing & Planning

With decades of experience in dealing with local authorities, planning and licensing agencies, we can help navigate the complex journey to obtaining a licence.

Event Services & Support Staff

We can provide Office Management, Site Assistants, Accreditation, Guest List and Front of House Staff. We have the technology and staff to transform the organisation of your event.

event health and safety management

Onsite Health and Safety Management

We are able to manage all aspects of onsite H&S from Contractor Management, Legal Compliance, Accident Reporting (reviewing and investigating), Safety Induction, Show Stop Management, Crowd Control, Artist and Production based risk assessment and supervision, CDM.

Construction Design & Management Compliance (CDM)

We can undertake the duties of the Principal Contractor for a project and ensure compliance and record keeping is maintained for the construction and load out phases of an event.

Major Incident Planning

We are able to produce documentation for all aspects of Emergency Planning, including Evacuation planning, Anti-terrorism and Crisis Management planning.

Event Control

With our experienced staff, we can provide onsite Event Control services, coordinating and recording show day communications across all departments and services.

Licensing Safety Advisory Group Liaison

We are well versed in working with councils and Licensing Authorities. As well as producing licensing documentation, we can chair pre-event planning meetings, Table Tops and presentations. When onsite we can manage the liaison between the event and the SAG group (including site inspections), and can then carry out post event debriefs.

Event Planning, Licensing and Documentation

We are able to produce the necessary licensing documentation for any event including, but not limited to: Event Management Plans, Risk Assessments, Show Stop Procedures, calculations of event capacities including all structures and contractor paperwork checks including insurance, risk assessments and method statements.

Online Site and Health & Safety Induction Portal

We have our own online site induction process for occupational Health and Safety which can be tailored to your event.

Occupational First Aid Cover

With our trained first aiders, we can provide Build and Break First Aid cover for any event.

Sourcing Emergency Service Event Cover

With our vast industry knowledge, we are able to source any necessary event cover including medical, fire services, security, event welfare and Traffic Management.

Fire Safety Consultancy

Including; Fire Risk Assessments, Means of Escape Assessments, Evacuation Strategies, Catering Accreditation and Gas Safety Advice

Fire Equipment Hire

Including Fire Extinguishers, Stands & Fire Safety Signage.